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tv   Time for Global Action  Bloomberg  May 29, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> i work in a number of capacities. i focus a lot on financial inclusion and bringing text to the mass market. hong kong is basically a jungle mountain island. you see this incredible urban environment, carved into this jungle. ♪
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hong kong is so full of incredible talent. fantastic education and environment where great ideas rise to the top. ♪ >> i have always been a geek. even since high school, taking computer courses and taking part in those physics and chemistry competitions. >> i remember vividly i got my first computer. when i finished primary school, an apple 2e plus. and then i started to, of course like the other kids, play a lot of games.
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the very first game i made was a ping-pong game where you have the toolbars and then a ball bounces off of them. i actually created a game when i was in high school that was a little bit more sophisticated than yours. >> hong kong is a small place. there are 7 million people. the hong kong people are really entrepreneurial. they start a lot of family businesses and look for a lot of ways to make more money, work different jobs. i think it is a land of a lot of opportunities. >> as a notch for nor, i think i think we have developed a lot of apps along the way. we have -- that is baby now and we would like to take it to the next level. >> the mindset of the consumer is to take away the keyboards,
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using images to do the research to find the information they need. you could be running into a minivan with an advertisement on the side or running into a billboard or even signage in a mall and you can just snap a picture and find anything associated with it. the consumer is interested. you can just pick and get redirected to a payment processor to make a payment. >> they are always looking to extend their sales channels. they are always trying to sell to more people and reaching out to a wider market. with ping-pong, they don't have to have i.t. infrastructure. they don't have to hire an i.t. team. all they need is a phone with a camera. maybe they are to have some products or some posters. picture andn take a
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have some descriptions about it and easily make it available on the internet on the cloud for other people to buy. small business owners can upload the locations, their website, as well as any other digital content they can think of. ♪ >> my name is gregory chang. we create jobs for five people. it is nothing big. there is really a lot of competitors in the market. as a small business, it is so difficult to compete. i think what makes us grow is the support. the war -- the more we communicate with them, what kind of coffee we have, the more business we get and the more we grow our business. doing marketing through mobile
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apps and other internet tools will be very helpful and we are and newn to old possibilities. >> in hong kong, there are a lot of family businesses. mom-and-pop businesses. they are running a business to support their family, feeding their kids. for them, it is ever more essential to expand their business channel and try to sell things more than just on their storefront. i think ping-pong really helps them that way by giving them an easy way to expand to sell their things online to the hong kong customers and even customers worldwide. citi is focused on becoming a digital bank and becoming more innovative. we are looking for the best technology that can change our clients' lives. we want to be at the center.
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syntax.r of specifically, we are looking to create an environment where technology can be shared, ideas can be networked. ♪ i mobile challenge is a virtual accelerator. my friends and i joke that it is the traveling carnival in tech. >> it has been an amazing journey so far. mobile our 11th citi challenge. i cannot even believe it. we began to latin america. we have been to the u.s. and we were in bangalore a couple of days ago in singapore and we will be going to sydney and now hong kong. ♪
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we look at the sintech ecosystem and invite people to make banking better. as a 200-year-old institution, we do a lot of things really well, but the industry is changing quickly. we look at these innovators to platforms, our products, and really improve how we deliver solutions to our customers. ♪ >> i think it is a very good experience. it is more like people sharing, people sharing their ideas, how and use leverage syntax technology to connect people. i think that is a very good experience. >>: good morning ladies and gentle man, thank you for having us today. mobile challenge can help app developers get their product in the market and scale
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up. >>: i think it looks perfect. i think we are ready to go. >> when i sit in the audience and watch them pitch, i feel honored to be there and really optimistic. there are a couple gems that you are rooting for. i love the underdog. i am looking for the startup that will take on citi and teach them a thing or two. >> just a few clicks. find the product interested in. then improve the in shop shopping experience. [applause] [cheering] is a great partner for startups because the bank has capital and they have a lot of partners and customers. -- inrocomputers in the
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the emerging -- micro distributors do not necessarily have the access, the resources to get the products out to consumers. some of the technologies we can see right now can address that. it is really impressive. ♪ these micro merchants, that is a nebulous term. what is this mean? these are moms and dads family-run businesses. , often times, older capital is aed up in making sure it is success and the income that comes out of the business is driving their aspirations for the next generation in terms of education and health. there is an opportunity to help at a very profound level, really expanding global growth in the emerging markets, which is exactly what city --citi is all
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about. >> i think there is a huge wave of change that is coming and we are part of defining that change. we are in the middle of a transformation. sintech is a powerful to pull, and it is changing the way we live. the smartphones in our pockets allow us to do so much more than we were able to before. it is something that is very portable. -- very part of what we are doing and how we are reaching into the ecosystem. >> the fact that we are being selected as one of the finalists in the citi mobile challenge is great acknowledgment and proof that not only our idea, but our product actually delivers values that citi recognizes or the judges recognize. we are one step closer to our dream. ♪
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>> it is a very large brand. it is a very big company with a ton of resources to make a lot of change. when decisions are made, they cascade over geographies and a cascade across hundreds of countries. ♪ >> i think for me, it is something -- it is a dream come true. later on, when i grow old, i can look back into my life and i know that i have no regrets. i created something that is useful for the people. i can actually help them. that is something i always
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wanted to do. ♪ [speaking a foreign language] --in thailand, there is a's distinct lack of hospitality training and it tends to be very technical and classroom-based. it is important the people going through the training have a practical part and it is one of the aspects from hotels here in thailand, we can assist substantially from the intern point of view and as they finish to come into the workforce and be practically employed.
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[speaking foreign language] ♪ >> right now, tourism is one of the key drivers in the thai economy these days. last year, almost 30 million visitors to thailand and right now, the tourism rate is about 14.5% of gdp. that is one of the key drivers. in the past few years, the
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only economic engine that seems to be working well is tourism. export,rs, such as consumer spending, government investment has been a little bit slow. airways bringsi 20 million passengers a year. there is a study that said every additional flight to thailand will generate an extra 800 employment in the country. the one who would benefit is not just the pilots and allied staff -- airline staff.
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everyone will directly benefit from having visitors to our country. >> right now, about 11% of countries involved in tourism, taxis, hotels, shopping, restaurants, the culture, the local experience. ♪ >> i wanted to be a tour guide when i was very little. i remember i was only five years old and i like the tv show -- tv show called "i love thailand." the show was only once a week so that is why i couldn't wait to see the show. it is like my dream. ♪
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now i really want you to try the noodles from this man. he has been selling these for 30 years and his noodle is the best. you can taste it. this is the egg noodle. >> spicy? >> not spicy. >> thai airways has been absolutely critical to the growth of tourism over the last 30 years. without that the easily accessible route network tourism , would never have taken off to the extent it has in thailand. thai airways having such a long lasting relationship with citi, the more we have known the client, the more we have been able to assist. we have gone through various challenges entertaining the level of growth and achievement they achieved today. in particular, if you think about the relationship right now, we are able to assist directly with the class manage and bank -- management bank.
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discussing ways to strategically fund the airline. it is a close relationship. they are a great client and we are proud to have the opportunity to help enable their progress. ♪ >> thailand relies on the tourism. we support each other and sometimes we take the customer to another business, so we support their business as well. our guest are happy to go and survive. they can >> please enjoy the tour. ♪
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>> thai airways is growing -- [speaking foreign language]
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♪ >> thai airways is growing tourism for the benefit of the economy. we operate in 33 countries and dozens of currency. the revenue are in euro and thai currency. the expense is in u.s. dollars so basically, we need a trusted advisor managing these foreign-exchange risks. we found it in citi.
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>> from a bank perspective like citi, we like thailand because it has very large domestic needs that are looking to go global. through our global network, we are able to serve them in a way they cannot get served by other banks. it is not just big companies that exist here in thailand. everybody is industrious. everyone is trying to do something else. people have small business interests. no matter where they are working, they may work in the government, they may work in big companies or they may be working in the fields and agriculture. they've still got something going on whether it is a little store or a share in a restaurant or a basket weaving company or something else. people are always looking for a way to create value, create a little bit of extra wealth and contribute to the economy and thailand. ♪
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>> now we are here at the orchid farm. this one is one of the biggest farms in this area. now i'm going to show you how they grow the orchids inside. ♪ ♪
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>> tourism, in addition to being the number one foreign-exchange earner, it is also one of the largest sources of employment in this country. we employ 35,000 people. all the way from doctors up to general managers and we also operate at almost 1000 restaurants. those are very heavily service-oriented. ♪ cooking should make you happy. when you are happy for the cooking, everything comes out and tastes good taste. ♪ you want to try one?
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love the tourists in our country. touristse don't have in our country becomes a sad one. ♪ i have to know -- sometimes i forget money so i have to get it from the market and say that i am coming back. you never cook. i can share my experience to the guests, the flavor, they taste the benefit -- then i can -- then i am happy. >> thailand for me has often -- always been very special. people -- people often ask you what i like best about thailand. this is really a country that is rich in culture.
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it is one of the most incredible countries to experience. thailand is one of the top 10 taurus generation -- destinations in the world. we have 30 million visitors a year. hopefully 32 million this year. it is not a place you visit just once. there are many recurring visitors that come to the country which ows how much , tourist like to come to such a beautiful place. ths are known for their smile. it is a warm and welcoming country. the people are very natural and very welcoming and it is just a beautiful place to come as a tourist. ♪ >> thailand is a very beautiful country. we have culture. we have very friendly people. what we can do for locals is we need to support them. it is very important to take tourists there. tourists can help them and therefore, they can survive -- they can continue to live there
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tourists this is the real thailand. ♪
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